Emotions, a fiasco to mastery?


People tend to be affectionate. Only when they need comfort or when they’re happy that they lose their minds. I agree; because it makes sense. Everything is a cycle. You use somebody, then they use somebody and it continues. It’s great in fact, to be affectionate, to progress or to survive. Love cures everything, they say. If you believe, it does. Weaklings search for their love to get courage. And also, they think of all the good in bad from the past and wonder why it isn’t like that. It’s the first debacle right there. To overcome something or master it, you’ve gotta rubbish the fact that there exist emotions in yourself. Sometimes we become so caving-in that we forget what we need and it lowers our standards. Grab feelings. Put them in your pocket. Use when needed, just like a compass to guide. 

Morals are something that makes homo sapiens, humans. Be sure to keep minimal compassion and courtesy. I’m not saying you to lose the empathy. The contrast between morals and overwhelming emotions has to be kept to stride. Only the fittest survive is what we have heard. But to be the conqueror, we have to devour these nugatory vehemence.


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