A trick is a treat indeed!


With the sun hitting the window sill, I sipped my coffee staring at it. A bright saturday afternoon it was. My mind was drawn only to the much awaited camp with my mates. We had been planning it for so long that we’d hardly think of missing it. My conscience constantly kept on revising the checklist to avoid any last-minute disasters. Now off to the place!

A cliff-edge with ear-gushing waves bashing the bottom rocks like a real apocalypse – what could be a better thrill? The camps were set and an enthusiastic Joe shouts, “Let’s go further up the cliff!”.
Agreeing, we stroll up the mountain with our meagre equipment. The crisp sounding dry leaves chirped in our ears as we strode off.

There lay a bunch of half-cut trunks rooted to hell, like it seemed, with rotten bricks scattered around. It depicted the ruins of a burnt mansion. We could feel a morose sensation around there, but still continued exploring. Toying around, we found few remains. But little did we know that the place was haunted.
We ‘lost our way’ but managed to find our tents. The warm feel felt in our warmers was priceless. One Matt from the gang, spotted that dark presence and raised the issue. And slowly everyone started pouring in the same reactions. We all rubbished the fact caving to our fear and from nowhere Alex starts deluding into the spooky world. He starts sharing his experience not knowing what followed us.

He goes, ” I had a chat with my grandpa the other day an’ I asked him about the town’s kept secrets. His unpredictability of kicking the bucket may be, which lead him to share it. It was during the 50s that there stayed a respectable family on the hill top where we had just been to and they were killed owing to the malicious deeds of their nemesis. Few people had turned the whole town against them and everyone blindly lit the whole house ablaze and later demolished the house laying up on a curse that no one would dare to go there again or they’re in for the same results. I’m not telling this to scare you all but, we’ve just been there.”

Everyone’s awestruck and no one utters a word.

Alex bursts out in laughter and says,
” The looks on your faces were epic! I was kidding about it.”

Heavy breeze flows and Matt shouts in a vengeful tone,
” well that wasn’t funny. I’m offended and you didn’t have to insult that family. You don’t know a single thing about the incident so shut your damn mouth!”

“whoa! Cool down! That was a joke alright!” said Alex.

Matt snaps back, “Did I just say something?”

“Now this ain’t funny!” Joe exclaimed.

A deceiving zephyr flowed through and everyone could sense the evil around. We started packing our bags just when the torches stopped working. Just then, my phone, the only glow in that darkness, rings. To my curiosity I turned the speaker on.

The caller, ‘Alex’ speaks, ” Hey! Sorry that I and Matt couldn’t make it to the camp. We’re on our way.”

Deafening silence spreads among the group in the darkness and everyone falls unconscious there falling prey to the trickster ghosts in disguise.